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Expand your geographical horizons to find your bashert/soulmate!
Expand your geographical horizons to find your bashert/soulmate!

High number of JWed marriages between members out of state and country...

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Expanding Geographical Horizons

For JWed members the #1 focus is finding that person with the character and personality traits you seek, the Jewish life you wish to share, the fun, the interests, the important things you wish to share with your soulmate.

Location is of course important. But so is finding the right one. Not just just second or third best!

Most of us seek the “perfect match” and hope he or she lives around the corner.

While completely understandable - that is just not the reality today.

And in fact, the mind-set to only look “local” - so often leads to dating stagnation.

We think it is very important to bear in mind that a significant majority of JWed's over 3,700 marriages took place between members who were out of city/state and even country.

JWed enables single and sincere marriage-minded Jews - whether from a major metropolitan city or from a small town - to meet one another, like never before.

Many see finding your soulmate – like looking for a needle in a haystack. At JWed we of course acknowledge it can be difficult – but you have to look beyond your immediate haystack, reach out your “natural” comfort zone and expand your horizons. Time and time again, this is how so many of our 3,700 JWed married members met.

So yes, while of course geography is important, we always encourage members to search way beyond their immediate location - where character, shared life goals, personality and other virtues, are so often far more important, than just location.

If two people meet and find so much in common, both current and their plans for the future - geography, however challenging, can be overcome. We see it in over 3,700 married and averaging 8 marriages a month!

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