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JWed's subscription model explained.
JWed's subscription model explained.
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JWed is a Premium subscription-only service for Jewish singles who are sincerely looking for a committed relationship.

You must be a subscriber to utilize the service for which there is either a Premium Subscription or Basic Subscription. Details of plans in below graphic.

The Basic Subscription is $12.95 per month while the Premium Subscription is between $24.95 and $29.95 per month.

With over 3,700 marriages, we have one of the highest success rates in online Jewish dating. These marriages have crossed all Jewish outlooks (unaffiliated to religiously observant), all ages and all locations.

Our success rate, focus groups and on-going data have clearly shown, that requiring a fee actually improves the online dating experience of members and increases the marriage rate.

Free services have much lower response rates, very low marriage rates and are typically populated by individuals who are not sincerely looking for their soulmate or utilizing the service with serious intent.

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