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We noticed you had trouble upgrading your subscription on JWed.

Common Credit Card Problems
1. Typos! This is the most common problem. Please try again and be careful to enter your information correctly.

2. If this is a new card, please make sure you've activated it and that there are sufficient funds available.
3. Call your credit card company and be sure you have access to make payments on online dating sites. If not; ask for an exception for

4. For international users, we only accept international or USA based Mastercard or Visa credit cards.

* if credit card payments are still not working for you, you can try these alternative payment methods:

Credit Card by Email or Text Message
Sometimes for unspecified reasons your credit card company will reject requests made through our online payment form. In these cases, we can process the payment directly with your credit card company - bypassing our website form. This often fixes the issue but please be aware that such payments will not be eligible for our convenient automatic renewal program. For fastest resolution, please email your credit card details with CVC code to [email protected]

Online via Zelle Network (works with most major banks)
Send payment through the Zelle network to [email protected]. Participating banks include JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, First Bank, and Wells Fargo. Contact your bank to learn how to sign up. Payments through this network do not automatically renew.

If you have a PayPal account, you can send a payment to [email protected].

Venmo App
Download the Venmo app on iPhone or Android to pay us quickly and easily through the app. Send payment to [email protected]

Check or Cash
Check or cash payments can be made out to 'JWed' and sent to:
111 Great Neck Road, Suite 201-L
Great Neck, NY 11021

* please note - checks can only be accepted from other USA banks

Western Union
Please contact us for information on paying by Western Union. Western Union payments will incur an additional $10 surcharge.
* Before sending payment, please check the upgrade page for the correct total payment amount you should send.

We are here to help.

Please let us know your specific issue and we will have your account upgraded asap!

Kind regards, stay safe and hatzlacha/best success!

The JWed Customer Care Team

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