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When was JWed created?
When was JWed created?

A brief history of the JWed service

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Updated over a week ago is the leading online Jewish dating for marriage service.

The service draws the largest network of authentically Jewish and sincerely committed Jewish singles of all ages, Jewish backgrounds and geographical locations.

The online service, initially just a website, was founded in 2001, followed a predecessor called Dosidate, launched in 1997.

Between 2001 and 2012 the site was called Frumster, a play on the term Frum and a joke by Rob Schneider.[1]

In October 2012, changed its name to

As of January 2023, the site has seen over 3,700 marriages. These have included Jewish singles of all ages, backgrounds and from across the United States, Canada, Israel, France, England and beyond.

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