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How can I expand my search results?
How can I expand my search results?
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Make sure in your Search Settings that you:

  • Do not have too restrictive Search criteria

    By example, only looking within narrow age range, too specific a height, limited Jewish outlook etc.

  • Expand your geographical range

    By example, don't confine your search to a small or even one state in United States.

We think it important to bear in mind, that over 70% of JWed's 3,700+ marriages have been between two people out-of-city, out-of-state and out-of-country. Yes many do meet and marry people more locally, but far more meet their soulmate, that needle-in-a-haystack with someone sometimes very far away geographically, but intimately close in attraction, shared life goals, desired character traits, shared Jewish outlook etc.

The #1 rule. Don't be rigid. Be flexible.

Your have rightly your non-negotiable. But but don't constrain yourself elsewhere.

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