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How do I report a member?
How do I report a member?

At JWed, our #1 priority is to ensure as sincere and marriage-minded membership as possible.

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You can report your concerns to JWed when when viewing the full chat of a member.

Simply click on the 3 dots to the right of the screen and from the drop-down menu of chat actions that appears, select "Report this user."

To provide some context, aside from our own screening and proprietary software that identifies possible red flags with a member, we also rely very much on the valuable feedback from members like yourself.

As such, when you believe something suspicious has taken place or have experienced something untoward, we encourage you to contact JWed where we will look further into the circumstances of the matter.

Any significant accusations against a member that may breach JWed's terms of service are immediately looked into - and where a violation is found - that member will be suspended.

JWed equally takes false allegations against a member very seriously and a member will face suspension if this occurs.

You can also contact JWed directly via [email protected]

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