Why do you auto-renew?

Here are the advantages of subscribing to our auto-renew service:

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JWed includes the auto-renew (auto renew) service as the default setting as a convenience to users and to maximize the success rate and marriage count. Because our service is unique in that subscribers are highlighted and Free members cannot read messages, your profile will likely be completely ignored once it loses its Subscriber status.

A significant number of our success stories occurred when a member got distracted with other life responsibilities, forgot to visit the website, but then received a message from someone weeks or months later. Without auto-renew, this would never happen.

There is an even more important reason why we encourage auto-renew by making it the default setting. Getting married isn't easy and we don't claim that %site% makes it easy. It's easy to get frustrated and give up within days or weeks of using the service but success often takes time. While a few members have had success soon after joining, many had to go through a frustrating time-consuming process. By making auto-renew an automatic convenience (and by offering discounts for longer-term plans), the user has a reason to not give up on the process prematurely.

Simply put, if we didn't have auto-renew, the large majority of our marriages would have never occurred.

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