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Why aren't I charged on the same day each month?
Why aren't I charged on the same day each month?

Having confusion with billing date? Check this out.

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As communicated at the time of purchase and as published on our terms of purchase, each month is defined as 30 days of service.

This means you will not be billed on the same calendar day each month. The reason for this is fairness. If a member for example pays during the month of February, if we billed by calendar day, he would lose 2 days of service.

Likewise, if a member pays in the months which have 31 days, then they would get one extra day of service compared with members who purchase in months with 30 days. In order to avoid these unfair scenarios, each month gives you 30 days of service no matter which month you purchased it in. This may mean your renewal date will occur within 2 calendar days (on either side) of what you might otherwise expect. You can find the renewal date under 'Account' --> 'Your Subscription'.

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