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How does the JWed dating service work?
How does the JWed dating service work?

I want to register and join. How can I create my profile?

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Ready to find your soulmate?

JWed puts YOU in the dating driving seat where you have the control

to search, initiate and reply to prospective matches you are interested in.

Just follow the simple steps below:

Step 1: Prospective members register & choose a display name

Step 2: Prospective members are screened for eligibility

Step 3: Find prospective matches using powerful search features.

Step 4: Through "Chats," an on-site mailbox/exchange, you are able to communciate with prospective matches anonymously. Other features such as Forums, IM, Icebreakers, and Favorites are also available.

An icebreaker is a feature available to paid JWed members to initiate an informal introduction between one member and another member. It can be used to show a member is interested in another member, or as a way to "break the ice", and start, and show possible interest in a member. The feature has an icon and is received by the member of your choice. Once, received, the icebreaker can act to assist in initiating the initial conversation.

Customer Care
The best customer service in the industry, so your profile is the best it can be.

Personalized Advice

Contact and help features that offer genuine help.

A secure & comfortable environment makes for meaningful encounters.

We have the highest standards for our members. All applications are screened before approval, so you can be sure that the singles you meet are genuine and true.

  • Proactive protective measures for our members

  • Hands-on screening of all new members

  • Easy-to-use reporting

  • A thorough investigation of any inappropriate behavior

We take cyber-bullying very seriously and immediately suspend accounts that display any inappropriate behavior.

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